2015 GIA project review──『A Rice Cube』】



"Man is the measure of all things; of what is, that it is; of what is not, that it is not."

the earliest known sophist of ancient Greece, Protagoras



『A rice or a rice cube? 』

Scale is feeling of our heart. Therefore, everyone has his own way to understand how big one cubic meter is. One cubic meter may be a time between strangers in a coffee shop, a whole childhood brewed with dust and sunlight in the loft or a unit of huge port container carrying the starting point of leaving home. Scale surpasses numbers and exists in relationship of things. It is a method to see the external world and become a basis of self-positioning.


Taking from architecture

The exhibition includes our design class works, Home For Allcompetition based from Toyo Ito’s Kumamoto Artpolis International competition, record of Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 in France which we built a one to one green energy house and competed to other 18 countries, the results of bamboo construct class. Through the dialectic of how big is one cubic meter, from an object, a single room to the secret relationship between each building in the street and new generation grew up from the history fold of a city. Every scale is not only the scientific ratio, but also behavior of human being.



One cubic meter, hundred of feeling

The background of teachers and students in NCTU architecture institute is variety, includes architecture, art, language, medical, math, science, management, civil engineer, etc. Therefore, we invited professionals providing their unique viewpoint of one cubic meter from dance, literature, theatre, photograph, craft, cloth design, urban planning, cook, etc. We hope combine different vision and find the value of different scale.


Back to Scale

The exhibition will represent the truth of architecture design by the relationship between observer, objects, and space. Man’s interruption made scale begin to exist.All people come to this exhibition will complete this dialectic, an unique one-off design, a whole new definition of one cubic meter.